When To Remove The Dog Fence And How While Training The Dog?


It’s not always practical or safe to let your dog stay unattended. It is wise of you keep them close to home, so opt for a pet containment system or an electric fence to keep him safe in your surroundings without letting him wander father off than where he should be. The containment system comes with a fence as well as a collar receiver for your dog.

You need to train your dog after you install the fence, so that he gets used to the invisible fencing area as well as adapt to the surroundings and make him understand that he is safe in the pet zone.

Once you have successfully completed training your dog, he will understand the boundary area and crossing which, will lead to static correction in the form of a mild shock. He also knows that he can leave the pet zone only under supervision and on a leash. If he is completely avoiding any distractions on the other side of the boundary even when off-leash you can be assured he is trained well.

Removing the flags:

In the initial phase of training you would have set boundary flags for him to understand the area. In 2-3 months of training, when he is fully trained and can distinguish between the borders of the pet containment area and outside of it, it is time to remove the flags.

  • Wait for four weeks of the last phase of training before you start removing the flags.
  • You should not dispose them all immediately. Remove every second flag and wait for 5 days.
  • Repeat the process till all the flags are completely removed.

You may ask why you cannot remove all the flags at once. It can be done and may give you the desired result, but it is always better to take things a bit slowly when training your dog is involved. As sometimes, he may get completely confused to the absence of the flags leading to unexpected results. You have already spent a good deal of time on his training; you don’t want to disrupt the whole process, so it’s better not to rush things in the last minute.

During the course you can observe your dog off leash if he is respecting the fence without the boundary flags and retreating properly. If in any case he tries to cross the boundary, then you will have to stop removing the flags and go back to the stage of static correction again for 3-4 days along with the stage of introduction of distractions.

Once all the flags are gone, repeat the training of leaving the pet zone and encourage him to walk over the boundary when on his leash sans the collar receiver. Also make sure that you use only one point as entry and exit when you take him on his leash out of the pet zone, so that he respects the area. Most pets will be reluctant, but be persistent and let him know that it is okay when he is on his leash and under supervision. Eventually, in due course, he will associate the leash with leaving the pet zone safely.

If your dog is doing extremely well and does not incur more than one correction a day, maybe it is time to keep only the beep on the collar and do away with the static correction.

At any point of training if your dog doesn’t respect the collar or the fences repeat the earlier training phase again till he starts obeying. Have a lot of play time as well as patience before and after training sessions and praise him amply with treats when he’s good.


Janet Bowley

My name is Janet Bowley, I am 39 years old and have completed my training as a veterinarian. I completed my training in preparation for a veterinary degree. However, After completing my training, I became self-employed as a pet sitter.