Best Dog Nail Grinder Reviews 2021 – For large and small puppies

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Are you looking for the best dog nail grinder on the market? If yes, then keep reading.

Grooming your dogs can be a daunting task, as all the product choices and potential solutions to their needs can be overwhelming. If you are a dog owner you know they are part of the family, and like their caretakers, they need the occasional pedicure. This seemingly simple procedure of dog nail grooming starts to become a headache when you factor in all the problems that may arise. Apprehensive dogs and nail clippers don’t mix, and the likelihood of bleeding or improper cutting is too high. Luckily these clippers are slowly becoming a thing of the past, as the process of nail grinding graduates to a more mainstream solution. Dog nail grinders sand down your pet’s nails to an acceptable size with a process similar to filing one’s own nails. Nail grinding is without a doubt a different approach to nail maintenance, but is it the right option for your pet?

Pros and Cons of Why You Should (and Shouldn’t) Use a Dog Nail Grinder:

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Safety. As mentioned before, nail clippers are almost a surefire way to get your dog to not trust you, and if you have one bad experience with them your pet is not likely to forget anytime soon. Nail grinders are a safer alternative because less precision is needed in applying the pedicure. While nail clippers require alignment and your pup to stay still, grinding can be done more naturally, even in multiple sessions. Because nail grinders are in essence ‘sanding down’ the nail, a gradual process can be utilized to maximize the comfort of your furry friend.

A Nicer Nail. While less precision is required to use a dog nail grinder, the outcome is actually more beneficial. This may seem counter-intuitive, however the grinding process gives you more liberty in how you shape the nail. Different breeds require different nail length, and the nail grinder’s ability to be adaptable to each dog is of enormous benefit to owners.

A Healthier Nail. Nail grinders may shape the perfect nail, but what is of equal importance is it also maintains the health of the nail. Nail clippers are an aggressive tool because the sheer force of cutting can cause cracks or splits. In time, these will have to be smoothed over by your veterinarian anyway, so it is best to cut out the middle man (no pun intended), and just start with grinding yourself. Clippers give a sharp cut, but not necessarily a clean cut. This can cause bleeding and long-term nail decay.

A Happier Dog. If your dog is brave enough to make it through a grinding session, the aftermath is more like a spa retreat for your animal. Nail grinding advocates less future wear on the nail, and because of this there is less stress on the paw. A sunnier disposition of man’s best friend inevitably follows the use of a nail grinder.

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Cost. A nail grinding trimming kit can be twice or even three times the price of a normal set of clippers. This may not matter to some, but if you are on a budget your wallet will be sure to notice. The old adage of ‘you get what you pay for’ rings true in this area like most, but if you are seeking a quick solution while trying to save a buck, clippers are the safer bet.

Mess. The term ‘mess’ is relative, as grinding certainly isn’t a ton of debris, but it can still turn some consumers off with the powder in creates. A fine mist is the output when using a grinder, and even though it is an easy cleanup, clippers are the more practical stop and go solution.

Noise. This may be the biggest con to pet owners, for if your dog is skittish this tool is surely not going to help their temperament. If your animal is a ‘go with the flow’ type, then it is irrelevant, however if your pooch flinches at the slightest of sounds, a grinder won’t ensure a relaxing environment. Similar to a child at the dentist, your dog will either be fine with it, or think it is World War 3.

Speed. Even though clippers can be frustrating to align, their main benefit is the speed at which the cut can be done. One clip and then it is on to the next nail. Grinding is more of a slow burn, especially if you are trying to maintain consistency from one nail to the next.

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How To Grind Your Dog’s Nails with a Nail Grinder

Using a nail grinder on your pet

Make a favor to your beloved pet. Use a nail grinder

Prepare the area. The first thing you want to do when using a dog nail grinder on your kennel is to make sure each paw is ready for the process. This may mean cutting back fur or allowing more freedom for the grinder to do its business. A furry paw is of course an expected roadblock, but a slight trimming should be enough to give yourself room.

Acclimate your dog to the noise. Before you even start the nail grind, turn on the machine several times near your puppu. Take note of their reaction, or non-reaction, and determine what the best approach would be for usage with minimal aggravation. Sometimes just holding the device against your animal so they can feel the vibration is all it takes for them to be fine with it.

Reward good behavior. Anytime you successfully grind a nail, reward your dog with positive praise and/or their favorite treat. Obviously you don’t want to use up the whole goody bag, but the first few times during the process it is vital your pooch associates getting a pedicure with positive reinforcement. Dogs don’t forget how and when they get their treats, and you will find each successive time you start trimming with a nail grinder, they will become increasingly more patient.

Less is more. Eventually you will get the hang of using a grinder, but because each tool is different, always ‘sand’ slowly in the beginning to not overly file the nail. Some spinners are more powerful and grind quickly, so liberally test on one nail to find out the amount of force needed on your behalf to get the job done.

Short grinding sessions. If you have a particularly nervous dog, make your grinding treatments short and sweet. You may not get the desired nail length the first time thru, but it is essential that your dog attributes the process to speed so they aren’t as apprehensive about it in the future.

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Best Dog Nail Grinder Reviews:

If you have decided to pursue the alternative to nail clipping with this type of trimmer, it is important to know the ins and outs of each device. Some are more suitable than others as far as dog type and size, and features available on some brands are absent on others. So what is the best dog nail grinder?

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1. WJHA Dog Nail Grinder

The first thing that jumps out about this grinder is the brand itself. WJHA is an already universally trusted pet grooming brand, as they also create mainstream options not only for dogs but for a variety of species.

Sufficient Power. This product offers a robust several thousand RPM speed to handle all your grinding needs. The amount of energy is particularly important in treating the toughest and hardest of nails on your dog.

Ease of Experience. The WJHA  excels not only in its effectiveness, but in its ease of use also. A quiet, rechargeable, portable (USB charging), non-intrusive device that is light in weight and one of the most comfortable alternatives when it comes to handling it.

Super silent Motor. We found that this specific product was especially designed with low noise and low vibration levels in order to make your pet less feared when you trim their nails

Increased Precision. While it may seem silly, nail grinding is actually a bit of an art, and the more you try it, the better you become. The WJHA has finger grips that allow more autonomy of the user, ensuring the freedom necessary to sand down the nail to the perfect shape.

Size of Nails: The WJHA pet nail grinder is a versatile product, as its multiple heads gives pet owners the ability to use the grinder on a variety of pets like dogs cats rabbits and even birds.

Pros: This kit comes from a brand of endless notoriety, and gives consumers options on what animal they want to try the grinder on. Especially we praised the USB charging and ease of use of the device.

Cons: Because the nail grinder can be used on so many different animals, it also makes the instructions a bit vague. If you are comfortable with the tool it is a non-issue, otherwise you will have to navigate through some trial and error because of its many different approaches.

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2. Cordless Rotary Tool 8V with Docking Station

ConAir is also a reputable name in the field, though not necessarily known for their grinders first.

Flexibility. Ease is a point of emphasis on the cordless rotary tool, as changing out the attachments on the sander is quick, allowing for a fluent grinding experience.

Straight-forward. The cordless rotary tool does not come with a lot of bells and whistles or added features, and provides just the necessary tools to take care of the task at hand. Though some devices in the nail grinding field are intimidating with all their hidden components, the ConAir is upfront about what it provides.

Practical. The cordless rotary tool has a protective cover that is adjustable, as well as a compact design, powerful even in its limited size.

Pros: The long cord of the cordless rotary tool makes the process infinitely less cumbersome.

Cons: Though operating with plenty of energy, more force than usual is required for thicker nails on dogs. This isn’t necessarily a deal-breaker, but the grinding procedure may take a little more time to complete. In addition, more force in grinding usually means a bit more mess, so be prepared.

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3. TACKLIFE Cordless Rotary Tool

Tacklife is known for their ergonomic designs and focus on control. It also comes with a solid carrying case, ideal for any situation or on the go.
User-friendly. One of the benefits of the tacklife is that it has a skinnier base, which means increased precision when it comes to nail grinding. The grips compliment this design, making the unit itself an innovative little machine.

Variable Speeds. Believe it or not, not every dog nail grinder provides speed options. This is absolutely crucial when it comes to more panicked animals, and the speed adjustment makes for a calm experience.

Strength in Numbers. The tacklife Pet Nail Grinder has 60 bit grooming bands, grooming drum, grinding stone, 100 grit grooming bands, and replacement grinding stones. In essence, you cannot be more prepared to go to work with this clever unit.

One of a Kind: The tacklife is the only pet grinder that has a safety feature allowing the spinner to stop on a whim. Called ‘automatic spin stop,’ the add-on places emphasis on being error-free in its performance.

Pros: Can handle any size dog and the smell is limited. It is also much more reliable than battery operated grinders which fade quickly and cannot hold charges for an extended period of time.

Cons: This grinder makes a bit of noise to complete the process. Some dogs may not even notice, but because every pet’s personality is different, it is sure to get on at least one pup’s nerves.

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4. Dremel 8220-1/28 12-Volt Max Cordless Rotary Tool Kit- Engraver

If popularity is your bag, then the Dremel dog grooming tool would be in it. One of the most reviewed grinders on the internet, the Dremel name is almost synonymous with dog nail care.

Low-stress Spin. The rotation of the Dremel, based on user feedback, is extremely conducive to a pet’s patience. The two speeds of said rotation offer a simple, elegant solution to your dog’s ever-growing nails.

No Cord, No Problem. The Dremel is one of the few dog nail grinders that gives you total freedom in applying a pedicure. Not bogged down with a pesky cord, the Dremel makes accessibility to the nail a total non-issue. A cordless alternative is especially helpful for bigger dogs or animals that do not stay still.

Fast Charge: Taking only about 3 hours to gain full power, the Dremel is ready to go in a snap. An LED light serves as an indicator the device is charging, and the straight-forward platform defines itself as an effortless experience for consumers.

Pros: With 1/2 inch diameter sanding bands and quiet ambient noise, the Dremel cares as much about your dogs as you do.

Cons: With only two speeds the power of the motor is limited, and will wear over time. This is definitely not a bazooka inside a nail grinder, so if your dog’s nails are a nightmare this option may not solve all your woes.

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When it comes to the ever-raging debate of nail clippers versus grinders, your pet’s health and safety are of primary concern. Different breeds require different needs, however grinders produce the most all encompassing benefits for both owner and furry companion. Clippers can be harsh, problematic, and difficult to align. Grinders are a more precise, powerful, and dog-friendly solution to all your nail desires. Our dog nail grinder reviews will help you make the righ decision if you choose to go with them. Chossing the best dog nail grinder you can is crucial for giving your puppy paws they will love.

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