Best Wireless Dog Fence Reviews – Top 7 Invisible fences for 2021

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The dog lover in you would know how dogs love to run and chase. Unless you place them in an enclosed fence, they tend to run around without worrying about consequences, leaving you worried about their safety. This is especially true if your property is on a busy road or is too large for you to keep track of him. For this reason, choosing the best invisible dog fence is of vital importance.

That’s why we, at goodpuplife, are here to provide you with all the information you need in order to make an educated decision of which product is right for your needs and clear any confusion you may have. You can find the one you need by checking our wireless dog fence reviews.

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Wireless Dog Fence Comparison Chart

There is a wide assortment of invisible dog fences available in the market today with an exhaustive range of budgets and features.

We have compared the best 9 of these fences in the table below for your convenience.

ModelSpotOn Virtual FenceHalo CollarPetSafe Stay and Play Wireless FencePetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System, PIF-300
KAROTEZH 2 in 1 Electric Dog Fence
SportDog Wire-Free Wi-Fi Dog FenceEarlylights underground electric dog fencePetSafe Rechargeable In-Ground Fence
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Our Rating9.5
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BrandSpotOnHaloPetSafePetSafeKAROTEZH 2 in 1 Electric Dog FenceSportDog TechFunacePetSafe
Shape of the FenceAnyAnyRadial or CircularRadial or CircularRadial or CircularRadial or CircularRadial or CircularRadial or Circular

80 Feet +


40 - 210 Feet

40 – 180 feet

45 – 180 feet

40 – 375 feet

40 – 500 feet

40 – 400 feet
Coverage Area1,000s of acres10 square miles0.8 Acres0.5 Acres0.5 Acres2.5 Acres17 acres3 acres
ExpandableYes with additional transmittersYes with additional transmittersYes with additional transmittersYes with additional transmittersYes with additional transmittersNoYes with additional transmittersExpandable
No of Boundary Flags50050505050050
Boundary Wobble10103.24.8--8.8----
Collar TypeLightweight, WaterproofLightweight, WaterproofLightweight, WaterproofLightweight,
Collar Neck Size13 - 24 inches11 - 30.5 inches6 – 23 inches6 – 23 inches6 – 28 Inches--6-24 Inches6-23 inches
Collar BatteryRechargeable high-capapcity lithium ionBuilt in, Rechargeable lithium ion,

Built in, Rechargeable lithium ion,

RFA-67 batteriesRFA-67 batteriesRechargeableRechargeableRechargeable
Battery DetailsFull charge in 1 hour, lasts 24 hours containment, 8 hours trackingAll-day battery life, charge overnight.Charges in 3 hours, lasts 3 weeks, life of 3-5 yearsCharges in 3 hours, lasts 3 weeks, life of 3-5 yearsCharges in 2 hours, lasts 1-2 months, Life of 2 years+Lasts up to 3 daysLasts up to 2 daysLasts up to 3 days (may vary)
Battery BackupNoNoNoNoNoYesNoNo
Correction Levels30 static correction+ additional modes15 static correction+ additional modes5 static correction+ tone only mode5 static correction+ tone only mode5 static correction+ tone only mode8 correction levels (including a tone only mode)8 correction levels 5 correction levels (including a tone only mode)
Correction TimeFeedback only continues when running awayFeedback only continues when running away15 Seconds30 seconds30 Seconds30 seconds15 Seconds20 sec
Min Dog WeightN/A20 Pounds+5 Pounds8 Pounds5 Pounds20 Pounds5 Pounds5 Pounds
Min Age of Dog7 weeks (no static correction until 6 months)5 months6 months6 Months6 Months6 Months6 Months6 months
No of DogsUnlimited (will need additional collars)Unlimited (will need additional collars)Unlimited (will need additional collars)Unlimited (will need additional collars)Unlimited (will need additional collars)2 dogs1-2 dogs (you can buy a set of 2)Unlimited (will need additional collars)
Warranty1 year1 year1 year comprehensive + Limited Lifetime1 year comprehensive + Limited Lifetime1 year comprehensive + Limited LifetimeLimited Lifetime90 days manufacture warranty1 year warranty

Best Wireless Dog Fence Reviews for 2021

To understand their features in details, let us take a look at the short reviews of these invisible fences to see which one will cater to your requirements.

1. SpotOn Virtual Fence

SpotOn Virtual Fence.


Ideal for active dogs, the SpotOn Fence Collar is an easy-to-install wireless dog fence that doesn’t require burying wires and cables in your yard. This system features a lightweight and comfortable collar that your dog won’t even notice he has on. The battery lasts up to 36 hours on one charge, so your dog can wear it all day without fail.

The simple installation process only requires that you walk the length of your yard to set up the perimeter. The SpotOn Fence Collar also features several plans to choose from with one plan capable of tracking your dog within 10 feet. This is also a good plan if you choose to use the Spoton Fence Collar without attaching it to the fencing function.

The SpotOn Fence Collar is also waterproof, so if you have an active dog that likes to run through the sprinkler or jump in a pond, you won’t have to worry about frying the system. You can easily set up this customizable system to fit along your property lines. Plus, you can create more than one perimeter for different situations or even different dogs. Learn more in our full SpotOn Virtual Fence review.

2. Halo Collar

Halo Collar.


If you are a dog parent of a dog that loves to roam, you need to check out the Halo Collar GPS Smart Dog Fence. In fact, we’ve determined the Halo Collar to be today’s best GPS dog fence. Not only can it keep your dog safe and happy, but it can do it without using annoying transmitters or underground wires. By simply using a handy smartphone app, you can create a perimeter that will keep your dog safe and allow him to run around all day.

The Halo Collar uses GPS tracking to operate, so you will always know exactly where your dog is. It will also alert you if your dog does leave the approved area and redirect him back to the safe area. It features a battery that will last all day, so you won’t have to worry about failure or needing to charge the collar until nighttime.

The included app also provides vital statistics if you want to know how much exercise your dog is getting. The Halo Collar app also allows you to create 20 different fence areas, and it allows you to perform remote training to curb any problem behaviors your dog is having. Get all the details in our extensive Halo Collar review.

3. PetSafe  Stay and Play Wireless Dog Fence


The PetSafe  Stay and Play Wireless Fence is a radial fencing system which has a maximum coverage area of 0.8 acres. It has a dial on the transmitter which allows you to adjust the diameter of your boundary circle between 40 feet and 210 feet. This is an upgrade to the PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System, PIF-300.

It has a lightweight (3 ounces with the band) and waterproof collar which fits most dogs with neck size from 6 to 23 inches. It is suitable for any dog that is older than 6 months and weighs more than 5 pounds which means it is suitable even for smaller dogs.

One of its best features is that its range is extendable by just adding additional transmitters and can be used for an unlimited number of dogs. It has 5 static correction levels and also a tone only level for once your dog is trained.

Overall, this is a good value for money wireless dog fence. Read our full review..

4. PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System, PIF-300PIF-300


The PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System, PIF-300 is a tried and tested system which has been around for more than a decade. It has a maximum coverage area of 0.5 acres an adjustable diameter which varies from 40 feet to 180 feet.

This system is recommended for dogs older than 6 months and weighing over 8 pounds. It has a collar size of 6 to 23 inches. You can also adjust the prongs for dogs with shorter or longer hair. The collar is lightweight (weighs around 3 ounces) and waterproof.

The collar uses RFA-67 batteries which usually lasts 2-3 months and can be switched easily. It has a 5 level static correction and a tone-only level.

This system can be extended with additional transmitters and is useable for an unlimited number of dogs. The only issue with it is it has a large boundary wobble of 4.8 feet.

This is the best invisible dog fence for the budget conscious dog owner. It is also the bestselling wireless fence on most online sites. Click here to find out why…

5. KAROTEZH 2 in 1 Electric Dog Fence


The KAROTEZH 2 in 1 Electric Dog Fence system has one of the largest coverage areas for a wireless fence. It has an adjustable area whose diameter can be adjusted from 80 feet to 800 feet in 5 feet increments that is it has a maximum coverage area of 11 acres. It has the lowest boundary wobble among all the wireless fences of about 1.5 feet.

It is recommended for dogs over 8 pounds in weight and older than 6 months. It comes in two sizes, one for small dogs with a collar size of 12 to 17 inches and medium-sized dogs with a collar size of 14 to 26 inches. The collars are all waterproof. They are slightly heavier, weighing in at around 4.5 ounces.

It uses a Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery. A replacement battery is included in the package. It has 5 independent static correction levels and a tone only level.

It is one of the best wireless dog fences. It also has the best range of features on offer. Find out more about these features..

6. SportDOG Brand In-Ground Fence Systems


The SportDog Wire-Free Wi-Fi Dog Fence has a maximum coverage area of 2.5 acres with an adjustable diameter between 40 feet and 375 feet.

It is useable for up to 2 dogs that weigh more than 20 pounds and are older than 6 months. It has a collar size which has been designed for much larger dogs. The collar is also waterproof.

It uses a lithium ion rechargeable battery. In fact, Sportdog Tech was one of the first companies to use a removable and changeable rechargeable battery which are easy to switch out. Once charged the batteries last for 1-3 days depending on how much the dog challenges the fence.

It has some unique features like a boundary challenge system which warns you when your dog is trying to cross the boundary. However, it has one of the highest boundary wobbles of 8.8 feet.

It is a little expensive as compared to other top wireless dog fences, but it does have some unique features that are not available with other fences. Read more about this wireless dog fence…

7. Earlyhights Underground Electric Outdoor Dog Containment Fence System


The Funace pet containment system is a revolutionary invention that will help you in keeping your dog safe from traffic and jumping over fences. It’s easy to set up and use because it contains only a compact wi-fi radio transmitter and a rechargeable collar that is a real money saver. Another great thing is that your dog can jump into the water, play with the sprinkle or run in the rain because the collar is 100% water resistant.

This wireless pet containment system can also follow you and your four-legged fellow wherever you go because it fits into any small bag, and in approximately three weeks your dog can learn where the boundary is by tasting a low and harmless shock every time he tries to run away (this command can also be switched off). The Collar will also provide the dog a low shock sign if he doesn’t receive any signal (for example if he’s hiding behind trees, power outage or slope). The Wireless Pet Fence may also have a weak signal nearby electronic devices, metal outbuildings and if your house has aluminum siding because they block the signal from the transmitter.

This is the best invisible dog fence because it doesn’t cost a fortune like other wired underground fences and it is completely harmless and safe. By choosing this Funace pet containment system, you’ll help your dog in the long run and will provide him with the freedom to run freely while safely contained. It means that you’ll save him from any kind of danger. For a more thorough review read on here…

8. PetSafe Rechargeable In-Ground Fence for Dogs and Cats


The PetSafe Rechargeable In-Ground Pet Fence helps in keeping your dog/cat safe in the yard and provides them with the freedom to play outside. It has a maximum coverage of 25 acres and is recommended for cats and dogs over 5 lbs, and older than 6 months. The collar is waterproof and uses a Lithium-ion battery which usually lasts 3-5 years depending on the customer’s care and maintenance.

Another great thing is that the system can be used for an unlimited number of pets by using additional compatible collars. Whether you want to prevent your dogs/cats from escaping, or you simply want to train them, this PetSafe Rechargeable In-Ground Fence does both. There’s also a possibility to choose between a tone and static correction mode. The system works by giving a warning beep sound or low shock every time your pet approaches the edge. You can be sure that your pet will become properly yard-trained in only 2 weeks.

One of the things that will definitely convince you to buy the PetSafe Rechargeable In-Ground Fence is that it’s completely invisible and safe for use. Your pet can even swim with the collar on without affecting its functionality. Overall, this wired rechargeable waterproof containment system is easy to use, and it’s a good value for money. Check out our hands-on test of this product here…

Why use a Wireless Dog Fence?

Best Wireless Dog Fence Reviews

You could build a large above ground fence around your property but it would block your view and spoil the look of your house. Chain fences are not very reliable as many dogs are able to get through them and they also tend to look unsightly. The market has now changed to “Hidden Fences” which while invisible to the naked eyes, keep your dog within a defined boundary. These help keep your dogs within a defined space without actually putting up physical barriers or an electric fence.

There are two types of “Invisible Dog Fences”; the wired underground fences, that are linked to a transmitter inside your house which is tuned in with the dog collar (receiver) and the wireless fences that use a transmitter inside your house which sends radio waves to the dog collar (receiver) to set the boundaries.

Dog Fence Types

The decision of which system to select for dog containment is purely dependent on you. Our invisible dog fence reviews will help you with that decision. But first, let’s take look at the pros and cons of the two types of fences to give you a better idea of the choices available.

Wired System


  • Can define and customize the shape of your boundary
  • As long as you can bury a continuous wire, the boundary is stable
  • Stable signal


  • Need to dig up your garden to bury the wire
  • Permanent Installation, you cannot move it once you have it installed.

Wireless System


  • Easy to install, just plug it in and define your boundary parameters.
  • Portable, can take it with you if you move houses or go camping.


  • Only Circular boundary, though customizable are now coming into the market
  • Environment-dependent – if you have tree and bushes or hills etc. the system finds it difficult to form a boundary as radio waves travel in straight lines.

The wired systems for a small installation are cheaper especially if you are doing it yourself. But if you have a larger property (wire is expensive) or if you have to hire someone to dig it up it can turn out to be more expensive than a wireless one.

You can also take a wireless system with you when you are traveling or camping and setting it up at your campsites.

The wired system is also more expensive to maintain. If there is any problem you will need to dig up your garden each time. These are the primary reasons why more and more dog lovers are turning to wireless dog fences for controlling their dogs.

How does an invisible dog fence work?

A wireless dog fence consists of two main pieces of equipment – a transmitter and a receiver dog collar. The transmitter is usually a radio wave emitter which plugs into an outlet in your home. It emits a radio signal within a limited range which will vary with each brand and each product. Most of the transmitters have a dial or a switch which will let you set the distance to which the radio signal can travel. This distance is what sets the boundary around the transmitter usually in form of a circle.

The other part is the receiver which is usually in the form of a dog collar. You will need to put this onto your dog and adjust it to his neck and hair type (short or long) so that the contact points are touching his neck. As long as your dog stays within the safety zone of the boundary he is free and the receiver lies dormant. But as he approaches the edge of the boundary the receiver sounds a warning beep. If he continues then he receives a small electric shock or as it is called in the industry static correction. This is very mild and does not harm your dog; it just startles him.

With a bit of practice and training the dog learns to move back as soon as the beep sounds. It is essential that you take the time and train your dog. Most of these systems come with a boundary flag which will help you in this process.

How can you select the best invisible dog fence system for you?

There are two main things you need to consider while selecting an invisible dog fence system – the size and type of your property and your dog.

Property Size: Each wireless fence comes with a maximum range, so select one depending on the size of your property. Some of these wireless fences have an expandable range, you just need to link a few transmitters which have been placed a certain distance apart from one another to create overlapping areas and hence creates a larger area.

The shape of the property: Each transmitter usually creates a circular area of coverage, so your boundary for this fence is always a circle. If you want irregular shapes then you need a wired fence.

Type of Landscape on the property: Wireless fence works on radio waves which travel in straight lines, which means that if you have large or metal objects blocking this radio transmission you will have a broken fence. Also the radio waves travel flat and parallel to the ground and do not travel upwards and downwards. This means that if you have hills and slopes in your yard, then this may not be the right fencing system for you.

Metal Blocks: If you have metal doors or other metal items, the radio waves will not travel through these and so you will have gaps in your fence.

A wireless dog fence works best when it is a flat, medium size yard.

The other major consideration while choosing a wireless fence is the type of dog you have.

Minimum Weight of the dog: Most manufacturers specify a minimum weight of the dog before you use their wireless fencing system. This is to ensure that the mild electric shock that is administered does not harm your dog for a humane containment.

Breed of the dog: Some breeds learn fast, some other breeds are more sensitive. Depending on the type of breed you need to set the correction level and the training process.

Some breeds have short hair and some have long hair, ensure you are buying a collar with varying prongs which allows you to adjust for the same. This system may not be suitable for an aggressive breed of dogs.

Also, the collar needs to fit snugly yet comfortably around the dog’s neck, hence ensure the collar you are buying is fitted for your dog’s neck size.

Another thing to consider is the cut off time, this is for how long the static correction is given to your dog, a shorter time is better as the objective is to startle your dog and not hurt him. The cut off time needs to be 30 seconds or lower.

Also, ensure your system has both static correction and an audible warning beep. This will help you train your dog faster and will also reduce the chances of shocking your dog once it has been trained to understand what that beep means.

Minimum Age: These systems are not meant for puppies below the age of 6 months as they are not developed enough to understand why they are being punished. Also, there is a likelihood of damaging their brains due to electric shock.

Other than the above two main considerations, you might need to consider the following:

No of Dogs: Some systems allow for only 2 dogs to be tied to one system whereas others allow unlimited numbers. You just need to buy compatible collars for your additional dogs and tune them to your transmitter.

The weight of the collar: Depending on the size of the dog a lightweight collar might be a good choice. The neck is a sensitive area for the dog, a heavy weight around it might irritate the dog.

Protection: The transmitters are connected to an outlet, so it should be protected against power surge and preferably have a battery backup etc. as you cannot have the transmitter and hence the fence might fail during power cuts or surges.

Battery: The dog collars run on battery. Most manufacturers use rechargeable batteries. Ensure that you are buying one with long life and shorter recharging time. This is essential if you don’t want to recharge every night. If needed have a replacement set so that you always have a charged battery for usage.

Boundary Wobble: A wireless system’s boundary is not always perfect, depending on the temperature, pressure, and humidity in the atmosphere, the range of the radio waves will vary to a certain extent. This is called the boundary wobble. This varies anywhere between 1 feet to 10 feet. The smaller the number the tighter the control and reliability of the transmitter. Do not consider any system which has a boundary wobble greater than 10 feet as it will be an extremely unreliable system.

Budget: Final and probably one of your first considerations: Wireless dog fences cost anywhere between $200 and $400. These are usually for one dog set up so if you have more than one dog then you will need to spend more on buying more collars.

Where can you get a wireless dog fence?

Most pet stores carry a wide range of invisible dog fences. Online stores like Amazon offer a wider range of wireless fences. They also offer great deals around festivities and such so you can get a good system at an affordable price.

Reading reviews online, speaking to your vet and to other dog owners will help you understand which one is right for you.

And Finally

Now that you have carefully read our wireless dog fence reviews we would recommend any of the above invisible fences for you, but we have to admit that our favorite is the SpotOn Virtual. It has enough range and features to satisfy most urban as well as rural dog lovers. It is also priced right for the most discerning customer so we feel that it deserves the title as the best invisible dog fence for 2021.

Whichever e you choose, ensure that you read the manual carefully before installing it. Remember not to install the transmitter very close to other electronic or radio equipment like your washing machine, television etc. as it can interfere with the transmitter and make the boundary unstable. Also install it away from your Wi-Fi system and garage doors. Maintain a minimum of 3 feet from these objects

Once installed take the time to train your dog with the required patience. It will take 1-3 weeks depending on the type of dog you have. Do go online or speak to your vet/ dog trainer to understand what it will take to train your dog. Ensure the dog is not wearing the collar for more than 12 to 13 hours a day. Also never attach a leash to this collar.

Enjoy the freedom the invisible dog fence will give your dog and you.

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