Best Indestructible Dog Toys Reviews – Ultimate Buying Guide for 2021

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Everything There is to Know about Dog Toys

Dogs are everything. Their many adorable ways have unwittingly entertained their owners. Like that time when your dog knocked over your cup of coffee and then walks up to you and licks your hand as if asking for an apology.

Even when they’ve been naughty, it seems hard for you to stay angry with them. Instead, you find yourself melting when you look at those puppy dog eyes and all is forgiven. So when dog lovers alike run into each other, their beloved canines become instant conversation starters.

But what about your dog? She may have a really nice collar and some really cool dog apparel, especially those fur things she wears during winter.  Aside from those trimmings, she needs to have fun, too. Dogs can easily get bored, especially without much activity.  Combine that with eating frequently, they can become overweight, too.

Dog toys are their sources of entertainment which reinforce physical and learning activities. A dog toy can be self-amusement playthings or the interactive kind which is something you and your dog can play with during your bonding moments. Surely there will be lots of them in the years to come just like a kid’s never-ending toy collection, who at some point will outgrow them and move on to the next.

Dogs use their mouths a lot more when playing since they don’t have hands like us. As such, chewing is a normal behavior for them. First of all, chewing for a dog is different than a dog human parent’s. Dogs that chew appear to rip something into shreds or haplessly break big items or prey into smaller pieces. They do it often out of curiosity and also because they might like the taste or smell of food or object. For humans, we either chew gum or chew food before swallowing.

There are times when a dog’s chewing activity can be triggered by separation anxiety. Dogs are used to go with a pack so they don’t like being left alone. That’s why you might discover when you arrive at home after being away for a while, that your dog had chewed on your expensive carpet. They may still look cute with all that chewing misbehavior, but we must also remember that they have descended from wolf ancestry hence this somehow reflects their ferocious roots.

Best indestructible dog toy Reviews

In this article we will give you the details on the brilliant makers behind your dog’s favorite toy. As such, we have also compiled the most reliable dog chew toys for the powerful chewer, in no particular order that is. These are as tough as they get and can be a worthy match to your pooch’s merciless chomp attack.

9Expert Score

Nylabone Dental Dinosaur Chew

It comes in various dinosaur designs and flavors that help maintain your dog’s dental health;It has raised bristles that control tartar and plaque build up while being chewed;It can cater to 50-pound dogs;It promotes proper chewing by correcting destructive gnawing habits;Made in USA;

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  • The fancy dinosaur shapes are a nice touch
  • The chew toy is very durable and sufficiently cleans dog teeth so that you don’t have to brush it manually
  • Some dogs may not like it based on preference/li&gt
8.5Expert Score

West Paw Zogoflex Hurley Durable Dog Bone Chew Toy

It is ideal not only for chewing but also during fetch play times.
It is backed by a 100% durable guarantee.
It is fully recyclable and safe for cleaning in the dishwasher.
It has no BPA, latex, and other toxic chemicals.
This product floats that makes it excellent for swimming in the bathtub, pool or beach.
It comes in eye-catching colors that you can spot it right away.
Made in USA

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  • It is versatile with its use for chewing, fetching, and can be played in water.
  • Some buyers have found it not indestructible contrary to the manufacturer’s claim.
8.5Expert Score

West Paw Zogoflex Tux Interactive Treat Dispensing Dog Chew Toy

It has a hollow interior where you can place frozen treats which will be dispensed given your dog’s problem solving skills.
It is backed by a 100% durable guarantee.
It is fully recyclable and safe for cleaning in the dishwasher.
It has no BPA, latex, and other toxic chemicals.
This product floats that makes it excellent for swimming in the bathtub, pool or beach.
It comes in eye-catching colors that you can spot it right away.
Made in USA

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  • It is tough as nails and the right match to a powerful gnawer
  • Again, there are rare occasions that these toys can actually break
8Expert Score

West Paw Zogoflex Bumi Interactive Tug of War Durable Dog Play Toy

This plaything doubles its length when stretched.
The S shape makes interaction between dog and human parent an enjoyable bonding time.
It is backed by a 100% durable guarantee.
It is fully recyclable and safe for cleaning in the dishwasher.
It has no BPA, latex, and other toxic chemicals.
This product floats that makes it excellent for swimming in the bathtub, pool or beach.
It comes in eye-catching colors that you can spot it right away.
Made in USA

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  • It is durable yet mouth-friendly for dogs.
  • Just like the other toys, this may still not be 100% indestructible.
8.5Expert Score

TUFFY Mega Dog Toys

This interactive boomerang toy has 4 layers of bonded fabric material with sewn squeakers to ensure your dog is safe from ingesting it.
This product floats that makes it excellent for swimming in the bathtub, pool or beach.
It can be cleaned thru washing machine and air-dried afterwards.
It is versatile enough to be used either in tug of war games or playing fetch.

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  • It is rare to find a soft toy that can withstand the gnawing power of aggressive chewers and it is nice that this one delivers.
  • It can fray on the edges when your dog’s chewing action is more on ripping.
8.5Expert Score

Kong Flyer

It is made of non-toxic rubber that is commonly used as a fetch toy.
It promotes clean teeth and gum health as dogs bite into it compared to hard plastic toys.
It is safer during active fetch games because it’s softer and lighter yet durable.
It can cater to dogs weighing 85 pounds max.
It is offered in small size and large size.
Made in USA with materials sourced worldwide.

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  • This toy is tough enough to last a long time with a powerful chewer.
  • The older version of this toy fares a lot better in the frisbee flying category than the new model.
8.5Expert Score

KONG Rubber Ball Extreme

This is a reliable fetch ball toy that also helps maintain teeth and gums.
The bouncy ball is puncture-proof, making it one tough toy.
Made in USA with materials sourced worldwide.

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  • This is a reliable fetch ball toy that also helps maintain teeth and gums.
  • The bouncy ball is puncture-proof, making it one tough toy.
  • Made in USA with materials sourced worldwide.
  • The bounciness of this ball makes for an entertaining activity.
  • It proves a better option than playing fetch using tennis balls.
  • It is offered in small, medium and large sizes
8.5Expert Score

Mammoth Flossy Chews Cottonblend Color 3-Knot Rope Tug

It is a heavy-duty rope toy that also doubles as a teeth cleaner.
It is made of cotton blend color components.
It comes in a variety of sizes that cater to different dog breeds.

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  • The two-inch thick rope ensures durability when used as a tug toy.
  • It is made of cotton blend color components.
  • It comes in a variety of sizes that cater to different dog breeds.
  • Unlike most toys on the list, this is not a US-made product and is actually produced in foreign countries.

Dental anatomy

Meanwhile, let’s get to know the dental anatomy of our lovable dogs which sets their chewing apart from humans:

  1. Incisors are small, sharp and pointed teeth found in front of the mouth. There are about six on both upper and lower gums.
  2. Canines are long, pointed teeth on the sides. They might be referred to as dog fangs which are responsible for puncturing things when they bite.
  3. Premolars are sharp teeth positioned behind the canines. They have about eight on both upper and lower gums, which they use for shearing.
  4. Molars are heavy-duty teeth with flat surface found at the very back. They use these mostly for chewing food.

Just like us, they go through having baby teeth when they’re young and develop about 42 permanent ones as they become older. These similarities as well as the differences will help us find the appropriate toys that will make our dogs happy and healthy. As such, let’s get to know the various types of dog chewing that should be considered.

Types of dog chewers

  1. The gentle chewer – Your dog loves to play and bond with comfort plush toys by licking it, carrying it, sitting or sleeping on it. Instead of unleashing his bite force, he may just lightly chew on it or flirt with it.
  2. The average chewer – So this dog will chew on whatever he sets his eyes and nose on especially stuffed toys, floor carpets, and sofa cushion. But basically he will not exert much effort on tough materials like hard rubber or wood.
  3. The powerful chewer – This one’s got strong wolf bloodlines in them because they will chew just about everything. The toughest, seemingly indestructible objects will not deter these dog monsters from chewing as if being all the more challenged by the difficulty.

With these chewer types in mind, many manufacturers specify them on the labels and product descriptions of dog toys. So if you have a

Rottweiler, needless to say, you have to find self-amusement toys that can somehow match his aggressive bite.

As for toys being indestructible, I would say that you’ve got to manage your expectations on that aspect. Is there even such a toy to begin with? Many dog toy brands claim that they are. Maybe for dog toys, anything that can last several play sessions will be considered as indestructible which should be good enough. And most especially if your dog is a powerful chewer.

Buying guide for age-appropriate dog toys

…from puppies to seniors, the needs of dogs change, so toys must follow that need

Dogs need toys that match not only their chew type, but also more importantly their life stage. Dog toys after all, are necessities more than they are luxury items. Puppies just like human babies sleep for the most part of the day during their formative stage.

And as they grow, dogs would like more entertainment, activity and stimulation. When they’re a lot older, they would be less active and calmer. That’s why it’s essential to get the right dog toys that will address their needs during these different stages of development.

  • Puppies

This is the stage of curiosity and excitement. You can start giving toys that aid in your dog’s teething process. It is also a good time to provide him with puzzle toys that will stimulate learning and teach him basic skills. Squeaking toys will be fun for them. You can also throw in some plush toys they can use to sleep with and will train them to separate from their biological mother. Make sure these stuffed toys are super soft considering their baby teeth and their hyperactive chewing action. You will most likely be changing their chew toys more often as a result. Moreover, alternate the toys instead of giving everything to them for variety. Take note of the sizes as well given their small yet ultra curious mouths.

  • Adults

So your dog’s hyperactivity has elevated to a level of unrelenting energy. He will need more interactive toys because this is when he becomes some sort of a showoff, a social animal if you will. He will have a blast playing catch ball, pulling rope, and basically moving as if on steroids. With his teeth becoming permanent, he would still love to chew as it promotes the production of healthy saliva. At this point, however, he won’t be attacking like a merciless piranha except for some aggressive breeds. You can buy him bigger bone treats and some tougher rubber toys which he would still enjoy. You might be able to get him those toys where you can hide surprise treats inside. His problem-solving skills will be reinforced as well as entertain him for hours on end.

  • Seniors

At this stage in their lives, these senior dogs could be less hyper but it doesn’t mean that they will stop being amused by toys. Their energy may wane a bit, but they will remain curious, albeit on a much relaxed level. With their teeth being more fragile given their age, soft rubbery chew toys will be best for them. They may be slower in movement, but their basic instincts are still very much alive and kicking. So they will still like to play with balls and sticks, but this time with softer edges to avoid irritating their sensitive chompers. They would need more exercise to keep them healthy for longer so dog parents should continue to play interactive games with them.

Different types of dog toys

As we have already established the differences in the needs of dog based on their life stage, you must know that there are a plethora of options to keep your canines happy and healthy by playing with toys that cater to their needs.

According to Material

  • Hard rubber – This is a top pick for toys that are to be chewed and perhaps the closest thing to achieving an indestructible dog toy. Kong Toys are a great example. Kong toys are made of tough rubber that are shaped like a bell with a core that’s hollow.
  • Hard plastic – Nylabone Toys are durable given this material which makes it perfect for teething.
  • WoodPuzzle toys made of this material can be a dog’s brain stimulator that’s great for indoors.
  • Rope fibers– The fibrous characteristics of a woven rope toy will make sure it will last many playtimes before giving out.
  • Plush textile – This makes the stuffed toy soft for mild chewing and comfy for your pet to sit on or sleep with
  • Sterilized hollow bones – This is safe for your adult dog to chew on. It is made from natural cow shin bone.
  • Everyday objects – Although you have to be careful in selecting which can be great for your dog to play with, tennis balls seem appealing which are excellent to use interactively with your dog for fetching.

According to Fuction

  • Chew toys for training and as jaw exercise – These will help during the teething stage. Chew toys for adult dogs would need to be high-quality as they would be more aggressive gnawing-wise. Examples include rubber spike balls, hollow bones, pacifier, rawhide, etc.
  • Enrichment dog toys – These contribute to your dog’s wellness by stimulating her brain. It is believed that dogs have rational intelligence so we can provide these toys to enhance it. Examples include puzzles, dog pool with sand, pop-up tunnels, remote toys, etc.
  • Treat-dispensing dog toys – As part of enrichment, these also serve as a reward for the dog’s problem-solving tricks and pace their food intake. Examples include hollow rubber toys which you can stuff with treats, feeder and busy box types.
  • Interactive dog toys – These encourage hanging out and bonding moments with your pet. Examples include ropes for tug of war, fetch balls, puzzles, Frisbees, etc.
  • Self-amusement dog toys – These toys should be durable which dogs would constantly harass to entertain themselves at home. Examples are squeaky cubes, rubber balls, mats for sniffing, etc.
  • Comfort dog toys – These relieve anxiety of dogs as their description suggests. Popular examples include stuffed plush toys, calming aromatherapy toys, music player, etc.

According to Features

  • Glow in the dark dog toys – These are great night-time toys that will surely perk up your dogs plus they’re easy to spot in the dark.
  • Floating dog toys – These allow dogs to play with them in water or while swimming.
  • Talking dog toys – Toys that make funny animal noises and high-pitched babble will be very fun for your dog.
  • High tech dog toys – Yes, there are such things that have video recording, sound activation, automated treat dispenser, and remote interaction. But needless to say, the bells and whistles may mean expensive.

Tips on how to choose safe toys for your dogs

Compared to cats, dogs are generally not too picky with toys- they will play with anything they can get their frolicsome paws on. This is why it is imperative to ensure the safety of their toys aside from checking its durability. There was this heart-wrenching story of a dog’s tongue being cut off after being stuck inside a hole in a play ball. It was later realized that this has been just one of many incidents involving the same dog toy.

There are various safety standards observed worldwide that cover quality, components, production methods of dog toys. As a dog parent, you should consider this when buying a dog toy that’s manufactured outside the country. For example, you may buy a plastic chew-able from China that’s not BPA- free. You know how dogs will not only chew, but they may also swallow anything even an inedible item.

Here in the US, pet toys are not regulated, unfortunately, so they can be made with either good or bad materials. As such, the Humane Society suggests to dog owners to get toys that are approved for human kids below the age of three. Anyhow, below are dog toy safety takeaways to keep your beautiful pet out of harm’s way.

  1. Buy dog toys that are age-appropriate. This way you will avoid your dog accidentally swallowing an item that could be too small for his mouth, especially if it’s a puppy. In other words, big toys for big dogs, small ones for small dogs.
  2. Refrain from acquiring fetch balls with just one air hole. As mentioned earlier, this may become a suction mechanism that can get whatever part of your dog stuck in it.
  3. Don’t leave your dogs alone with squeaky rubber toys, rope, or any chewable item that’s not food. Again, they might ingest those items such as the rope fibers which the dogs can also get wrapped around with or broken plastic pieces. And check if they’re not eating the cotton stuffing in their -plush toys. Even tennis balls can cause harm by being swallowed by adult dogs if left unmonitored. Keep your eyes on their ball literally.
  4. Choose reliable dog toy brands because cheap toys from unknown companies may be accidents waiting to happen for which your dog will pay the cost.
  5. Watch out for toxic chemicals that could be present in a dog toy. It was discovered that many toys have alarming levels of lead, chromium and cadmium which are known carcinogens and nerve poisons. With dogs constantly licking and biting into their toys, these toxins easily find their way inside the dog which may be enough to cause severe consequences. Avoid toys made from soft plastic and treated with fire retardants as well.
  6. Don’t trust products that are advertised as USA made. Offhand, you would think it caters to US safety standards, but upon close inspection of the product fine details, you will find it is only assembled in the States, but the materials were sourced from China.
  7. Use your sense of smell aside from visuals. You can probably tell a product that could be a hazard when it gives off a strong smell which can signal the presence of harsh dyes and toxic ingredients.
  8. Do your research which can easily be accomplished online as to which toys are ideal for specific dog breeds. You would not want to give, say, a rubber nibbler to a Chihuahua. Or these cute plush toys for aggressive chewers like your pitbull terrier.
  9. When buying rawhide chew toys, consider getting the pressed kind which breaks into soft and smaller pieces, making it easier for your dog to devour.
  10. There are plush toys with so-called “chew guard technology” which you can avail of because that they can withstand your dog’s relentless chew energy.
  11. Avoid sharing your kid’s toys with dogs which are not designed for them.
  12. Be careful with battery-operated toys around dogs that might chew on them when you’re not looking.
  13. Don’t get your dog too physically active with catching Frisbees as they can cause back and leg strain.

Dog toys are meant to be enjoyed so be sure to always take note of the above to not only keep your dogs amused but safe as well. And

as responsible dog parents, you should also make sure that your home is dog-proof. You don’t want your pet to ingest loose items such as ribbon ties, rubber bands, articles of clothing, scattered fabric and threads, etc., which can become choking hazards not only to your own young kid but also for your dear dog.

How to care effectively for your dogs’ toy

  1. Clean it well after each use by scraping off visible dirt or running water over it
  2. Refer to the toy’s care instructions for any specific process on cleaning so you are able to prolong its life.
  3. You can also sanitize by putting the toy in a dishwasher or spraying some alcohol and air-drying thereafter.
  4. For rope toys which can host a colony of bacteria, you can put it inside the microwave for several seconds to disinfect it.
  5. Your plush toys can be maintained by simply enclosing it in a mesh bag before placing them inside the washing machine using a delicate wash setting. It also best to just dry them outside naturally.
  6. Discard toys with visible cracks or heavily chomped on to avoid accidental ingestion or choking hazard.
  7. Repair any slight damage if you can or by someone else otherwise you have to replace or toss them out.

The best dog toys brands you can trust

As a doting dog parent, you must already be familiar with these dog toy brands:


Founded by Joe Markham in the 70s, Kong Company, whose name was inspired by King Kong has been considered one of the best in the industry. Joe spent around six years developing a chew toy which came about after he noticed his own dog chewing on a rubber Volkswagen. His business caught on in the US during the mid- 80s. A typical Kong dog toy would look like a snowman with three balls on top of each other. It comes in different sizes for different dog ages. There are many other dog toys in their collection such as frisbees, floaties, squeakers,etc. They also have a line of cat toys.


West Paw Design is another brand made in the USA that manufactures topnotch dog and cat toys. Based in Montana, they make some of the cutest and most whimsical dog toys that are environmentally friendly at the same time using fully recyclable and non toxic materials. Plus, their toys are durable which can last many chewing moments. Their line of stuffed animals is washing machine-compatible to keep them clean and stain-free. The company green policies helped them bag Forbes’ title of “One of the Best Small Companies in the US” and “Best Place to work in Montana”. They even recycle old toys brought in by customers and turn them into new items.


Non Expanding Recreational Foam or Nerf is a toy brand company founded by the Parker Brothers in 1969. Currently under Hasbro, this company started as manufacturers of foam-based dart guns and have branched out to making dog toys in 2013 under the line Nerf Dog together with Grammercy Products. Now located in New Jersey, their line consists of affordable recreational toys such as discs and balls that feature heavy duty nylon with super strong stitching as well as rubber and plastic. These materials ensure remarkable quality and endurance.


Founded in the mid-50s, Nylabone has been in the industry for quite some time. It is a popular brand of a variety of chew treats, pet books, dental hygiene items and other dog toys. You can rest easy knowing that this company is well-versed in dog welfare. That’s why their edible and non-edible chews have a lot of beneficial properties to a dog’s health. Their chewy treats help maintain dog teeth, provide relief from toothache and promote proper chewing habits. This brand gets the stamp of approval by most veterinarians.


Chuckit! is a dog toy company that specializes in ball launchers that would surely make your fetch games the most fun and exciting. Their balls come in attractive bright colors and are known for their innovative designs which encourage active and healthy lifestyle for your dog and even for you. They commonly use materials made of rubber and strong fabric with wide grooves your dog can easily carry with his mouth while he jumps around like a madman.


Goughnuts focuses on safe and high quality dog toys with their super strong polymer materials. One of their unique features is having color indicators such as a red interior, which will show if your dog has damaged the toy heavily. And that means, you will need to replace it with another to avoid unintentional swallowing. Guess, what, this company will replace that damaged toy free of charge because they insist on their products being indestructible with this guarantee.

Final Thoughts

Now that we have learned a good deal of information about dog toys, you are able to gain more understanding about dog behavior and why toys are not just optional requests and are in fact, necessities that contribute positively to the overall well-being of your lovable pooch. Once again, your dog will need a variety of toys that may serve different purposes. And it will be good for you to buy high quality toys according to your dog breed and life stage. These things last longer as mentioned here instead of repeatedly buying cheap stuff that add up in cost in the long run. Don’t forget to check for any damaged toys or loose items they may inhale or swallow in the process. Ultimately, the care you extend to your dog, especially realizing how important dog toys are in his life makes you not only a good dog parent, but also a great human being that your dog will love unconditionally.


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