KAROTEZH 2 in 1 Electric Dog Fence Review: Offer A Wider Playground To Your Dog

Confinement systems are safety systems that have evolved much more than before and they provide ample safety to your pet in a more comfortable and effective manner, making you feel at ease. These devices are designed to provide training to your pet, to understand his boundaries and reinforce him to stay within his limits. Among the lot available in today’s market, KAROTEZH 2 in 1 Electric Dog Fence is one among the best wireless dog fences.

KAROTEZH 2 in 1 Electric Dog Fence features

This system gives great importance to your dog’s safety with its advanced features that could be summarized as:

  • A wide coverage span of up to 11 acres is being offered by this system.
  • Choice of level of correction for up to two collars depending on the age, size and temperament of your dog.
  • The system offers six settings including five static correction levels and a tone-only correction method.
  • It has boundary breach alert that indicates as beeping sound in your home if your dog breaches the confinement area.
  • There is a 30 second safety time out on breaching the safe area; the return of the dog will stop the signaling.
  • The collar is waterproof and is radial shaped which makes it ideal for all weather conditions with capability to even submerge in water.
  • Collars are lightweight with nylon webbed strap containing the antenna with sturdy snapping buckles fitting neck sizes from 14-26 inches.
  • The collar comes with two rechargeable batteries so that you could keep one charged as a backup. The frequency of recharging depends on the activity level of your dog and it is recommended that you should not put the dog on collar for more than 12 hours at a stretch.
  • You could contain up to two dogs using single system with customizable correction options for each dog.

The KAROTEZH dog fencing system comes with a controller, adapted power cord, wall mount adhesive strips, screws, wall anchors, wireless collar, two rechargeable batteries, charger, collar tester, 75 training flags, instruction manual and DVD.


Product Specifications

TypeWireless Dog Fence
Product weight1.17 pounds pounds
Product dimension13.5 x 11.2 x 3.3 inches


6 Total Score

Havahart Wireless Radial-Shape Select Fence is an enhanced version offering dog owners a tighter confinement zone for better safety. There is better communication between controller and collar by enhanced filtering of data. The system continuously communicates with your dog’s collar, alerting the dog with static or beep at the same time alerting you if there is any boundary breach. The highlights of having a wire free system with one backup battery will make sure your system keeps running for the safety of your lovable ones.

  • It gives the largest containment area of up to 11 acres which can be circular or custom-made.
  • There are no wires involved and can be easily set up.
  • There is a boundary breach alert system to let you know when your dog breaches the boundary.
  • The kit comes with a six phase training guide and waterproof collar with rechargeable batteries.
  • There is an inbuilt safety feature that the system does not alert the dog on returning to the confinement area.
  • There is a two way communication system with the collar and the controller all the time, keeping track of dog’s location.
  • There is a ten year warranty on the product which denotes its reliability.
  • There are possibilities of fenced boundary to extend to your neighbor’s property.
  • Boundary might extend to the road and smaller fence boundary could cause area restriction.