Grooming Your Pet By Yourself

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Pet Grooming: Skin & Coat

Grooming our dog

There is more than one way to tell if the pet has healthy skin and fur. Look for signs of unhealthy fur when you’re trying to make this distinction. For one, unhealthy hair will be dry and brittle and it may be thinning or irregularly falling out. Unhealthy hair will also look thin, dry, scaly or greasy. There will be no shine to it and it will have unattractive appearance.

You can also distinguish unhealthy skin and fur by smelling it. Healthy skin and fur will have no smell to it. If the hair gets dirty, it does not have a unique smell it will just smell like whatever got it dirty. Unhealthy skin and coat will have an oily odor. Skin bacteria that break down the natural skin oils cause the odor.

All skin has some bacteria but unhealthy skin has too much of the wrong kinds of bacteria. There are specific types of shampoo that can prevent this type of bacteria and you can find out names from your vet.

Pet Grooming: Ears

Pets generally have sensitive ears so pet grooming needs to be done delicately in this area. Ear problems can arise from soaps, allergies, pollen, bacteria, fleas and a number of other factors. The main source of ear problems in pets is caused by Otitis, an infection and inflammation of parts of the ear. There are a number of different types of Otitis and it can occur on the inside or outside of the ear.

These ear infections can cause pet ears to be inflamed and hot to the touch. Sometimes they will even have an odor and a build-up of wax. Most importantly, it is very uncomfortable for the pet. If you notice anything abnormal in the ears, check with a vet before you do any grooming on the pet in that area. Also, if you suspect any infection in the ear, tell the vet immediately. The longer the infections last the more serious they become.

Be especially careful when you’re shaving ear hairs. Make sure that you keep the blade flat and not on an angle. Cutting near the ears is especially important in pet grooming, particularly if there is any buildup of crust or dangerous bacteria. Cutting the hair prevents it from trapping the problem bacteria and makes it more open for medication.

Grooming Your Pet

If you’re going to groom your pet, coat and ears are very important to pay attention to. There is a lot more to learn and you should not try to do this yourself unless you’re completely comfortable with it. After all, your pet’s comfort and health is of utmost importance.

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