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Poodles were considered for a long period as having a bad reputation. They are usually described as being the little dogs with weird haircuts that are yappy and nervous all the time by the persons who never had the occasion to know a family or person owning a poodle. But the intelligence of the poodle dog is the main feature appreciated by owners and breeders. Due to their high-strung nature, these dogs need appropriate training to become even-tempered and to be pleased by their owners.

Only few and disparate information are available about the poodle and its ancestors. Some sources say they originate in Asia. All started with a water dog, trained to retrieve game balls shot into water. The poodle is an intelligent animal with an unusual appearance and this is why it was used as a circus dog, performing clever tricks for numerous audiences.

The poodle has a natural ability to attach to people and this makes it a wonderful pet.


The unusual appearance makes of poodles an unique breed. The standard poodles square body measures over fifteen inches while the toy poodle has under ten inches. Looking carefully at a poodle you can see the dark, oval eyes set well apart, the two years hanging down the head below the eye level and a quite long strait muzzle. Their long necks are muscular. They have a particular air of dignity.

The main feature that sets them apart of any other dog breed is their characteristic fur. Their fur can be colored in black, white, brown, gray, silver, red, etc. They can have curly or corded fur and owners usually dock their tails to about half their original length. The owners should frequently offer them professional grooming.

About Their Temper

These dogs are intelligent and have a good nature, they love attention and quickly establish bonds with their owners and their families. Other dogs use to stay alone much of the time. But the poodle is craving for attention and love. They are curious and learn fast, like to do a lot of tricks and to show them off to catch your attention. Its a dog of stability and daily routine.

They attach to the owner and his family and are shy or even anxious with strangers. They have the habit of barking at persons they don’t know, so they make good watchdogs.

The Family with a Poodle

They are affectionate and adorable pets but require time, attention and energy. They need to be daily groomed, walked, taught or trained.

As they are intelligent dogs you should challenge them all time. They need consistency and the routine of daily activities. When the routine they were daily used to is repeatedly changed they may become anxious or high-strung.

You must teach your children to be gentle with the poodle, how to hold it and how to pet it. You must supervise the young children playing with the poodle. Poodles do not really like being leashed, so it is always a good idea to purchase an invisible dog collar, your dog will love you and you will always know where your poodle is. Elderly families are most suited for the dogs of this breed.

Did you knew that once this sweet little dog having bows in its fur was the companion of formidable German hunters?

The fur of the poodle may be curly or have small clumps of ringlets, colored in black, white, grey, etc. and its tail is usually docked (cut) to about half the original length.The poodle dog fits best in elderly families, not in the families having small children.

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  1. I simply can’t agree with you when you say that Poodles are best suited for an elderly family. I have lived with all three sizes of poodles thru out my life. Never have I have had a nervous or anxiety ridden dog. A well trained and socialized poodle is a joy to share your life with. You need to do more research before making a blanket statement as you did. Poodles are suited for everyone choosing the proper size, train, socialize, and you will have a wonderful pet. Do you your research on health issues that affect the breed and three different sizes. Find a rescue thru a local poodle club in your state or breeder again thru a poodle club by contacting the Poodle Club of America.

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