Obedience training tips for dogs

Training your puppy to do what you ask is easy when you know how to do it, so here are some tips for basic puppy obedience training. Instant feedback works best, so praise and reward your puppy as soon as he does well.

Hold your puppys attention by keeping your puppy obedience training sessions short and fun. And always remember, training is a gradual process. Consistency and repetition are the keys to success.

The sit command

Training your puppy to sit on command is a great way to begin puppy obedience training. Hell master it quickly and gain the confidence to successfully learn more complex commands. Say sit in a firm tone when you see that your puppys about to sit. As soon as he sits, immediately praise him. After a few repetitions hell make the connection, and if you consistently praise him hell soon be sitting whenever you give the command.

But if this technique doesnt work, grab a treat. While your puppys standing in front of you, say sit and bring the treat up from in front of his nose to just above his head. Hell follow it with his nose and at the same time his rear end will go down, so that he ends up sitting. As soon as he does, give him the treat and praise him. Repeat until he sits on command.

The stay command

 Start your puppy obedience training for the stay command with your puppy sitting in front of you. Say stay in a firm tone, and if hes still sitting after a second or two, reward him with praise and a treat. Repeat the process several times each session, but delay giving the positive reinforcement a few seconds longer each time. Dont punish your pup if he breaks out of the stay prematurely just say no and start over again. Hell soon learn to associate the stay command with staying in place. Once hes learned the command, you can gradually increase the distance between you, but make sure you always return to your dog before reinforcing his behavior. You want him to stay, so dont reward him for moving away.

The come command

Come is the probably the most important command youll teach during your puppy obedience training. Put your pup on stay, then kneel in front of him and in a friendly voice say Brutus, come (substitute your puppys name). Reinforce him immediately when he comes to you. As with all puppy obedience training, repeat the process until he gets it.

The heel command

You want your dog to walk calmly beside you without touching you, so its critical to keep your puppys attention. Begin by standing with your puppy next to your left leg, holding one of your pups favorite treats near your waist. Say his name followed by the command heel. As soon as he looks at you, take two steps forward. If he moves forward still in the heel position, reward him immediately. Do this repeatedly, but only reward him when he stays tucked in close to your left leg. If he forges ahead or straggles behind, dont reward him, just start again. Gradually increase the distance you walk with each successful repetition, but dont forget to reward him each time he does it correctly.

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