5 Ways Your Dog Will Help You Through a Break-Up

There’s no way around it — break-ups suck.

Sure, realistically we know that they aren’t the end of the world. But how do we bounce back, when it’s so tempting to fall immediately into the usual break-up go-tos — eating, starving, isolating, listening to those same depressing songs over and over again?

Some recommend a change — take a class, or a fun vacation to take your mind off things. But there’s a much easier, and more lasting solution just within reach — maybe even curled up at your feet right now.Your close friends are your best resource during troubled times, and your furry friend is no exception. Here are five ways your dog can help you though a break-up.

1. Peer Into Those Puppy-Dog Eyes

If there’s one thing pet parents know, it’s that puppy-dog eyes can be very dangerous weapons! Just try saying no to an extra treat when your pooch turns on the charm.

But when your pooch comes over, tugs at your sleeve and looks up at you with those eyes, your human loss will seem less, as you focus on the unconditional love your dog provides.

Focus on nurturing that relationship by getting your dog his favorite treats, taking them for a jog, playing with them or simply having a snuggle.

Your dog’s energy, vivaciousness and devotion is infectious, and will help your hurt over your break-up start to heal.

2. Rebounds Can be “Ruff”

When you’re nursing a broken heart, jumping into another relationship might seem like a comforting idea. But how long do most of these rebounds last? Are they worth the time, energy and — let’s face it — money?

Invest a fraction of that in your relationship with your dog, and you’ll reap rewards you will cherish forever. Plan dates with your dog at the park, beach or around town. Rent a dog-friendly cabin for a weekend getaway.

Anybody who has ever owned a pet knows that with a dog around you will never feel unloved. He will cuddle you, kiss you, hug you with those adorable paws and let you know that, to him, you’re the most important person in the world.

With that kind of love in your life, who needs rebounds? You can also take your dog for a small trip and then you will see how easily they can help you recover.

3. Dogs Understand and Empathize

Ever feel like nobody understands you like your dog? There is truth to it, actually. Dogs aren’t just loving — they are extremely perceptive, too. They  can sense when you are in pain, whether physical or emotional.

A study done by Goldsmiths College showed that dogs are more likely to approach and comfort someone who is in pain than someone who is perfectly happy.

Your dog empathizes with you, and will do everything possible to make you smile and feel happy again.

With a furry happiness generator as your best friend and closest confidant during turbulent times, you won’t stay in the doldrums for long.

4. Dogs Will Always Make You Laugh

Even when they don’t intend to be (maybe especially when they don’t intend to be), dogs are hilarious.

Even the strongest and most fierce-looking dogs have some super-cute and funny characteristics.

Just watching them in their element — playing, eating, trying to catch a bug or even being silly while they sleep — can give you some unanticipated reasons to laugh. Such natural laughter automatically generates endorphins, the mood-boosting hormone, and will lift any drooping spirits.

Having a particularly rough day? Create some sillies. Putting a spot of peanut butter on the top of your pooch’s snout will undoubtedly unleash a host of antics that will have you howling — with hilarity!

5. Dogs Will Keep You Healthy

Break-ups aren’t just emotional — they can have physical ramifications, too. Are you drowning your sorrows in comfort foods? Ice cream and pizza might seem like a good idea at the time, but all that junk food can leave you feeling crappy. Your dog is the antidote for this, too. Your dog loves to play and run — he will keep you moving and help you work off any, er, extra padding you may have picked up along the way.

Or maybe, instead of having you reaching for the ice cream, break-ups kill your appetite. Skipping meals can lead to low energy levels, which tend to compound the crankiness during difficult times. Taking your pooch out for some fresh air and exercise will not only perk up your mood, but stimulate your appetite, too, making it much easier to bounce back from sad times.

You can also relieve a lot of your stress by grooming your dog and make it look pretier and happier too.

For these five reasons — and likely many more — your pooch is your perfect post-break-up partner. Break-ups are hard, but with these furballs around, love takes on a whole new meaning. So, should you find yourself with heartache over heartbreak, turn off the stereo, put down the ice cream, and let your dog help you ditch the doldrums.

Janet Bowley

My name is Janet Bowley, I am 39 years old and have completed my training as a veterinarian. I completed my training in preparation for a veterinary degree. However, After completing my training, I became self-employed as a pet sitter.

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